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Quiet Quitting…Also Known As Boundaries

Quite quitting is another unfortunate misnomer from hashtag culture. In reality, the concept is really about setting healthy boundaries. I've said it before plenty of times, I'll say it again... your job is a contract, perform these services in exchange for payment. There are a
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Get In Before You Lean In

Why “Leaning In” (and other hashtag advice) isn't the silver bullet for black women in a still-white-dominated corporate world. Disclaimer: I'm not the angry black woman, let's just take that off the table, which technically says something given that I have to put that out
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Leverage the Lull: 3 Things to Build Right Now

What you should be building during this lull to emerge stronger and better prepared on the other side. Full transparency, I had a completely different blog to post. But, in the spirit of change agility AND you do have to stay ready for changes that
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The Most Overlooked Aspect of Self Care

Why your job may be the most important part of self care. Self care isn't just about meditating and spa treatments (although a good spa treatment and some Zen can help boost any soul). Self care also includes work choices. I know, we don't think
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3 Mindsets to Drop Immediately

Dump these mindsets immediately and start crushing your goals. It's 2020 and high time you get out of your own way. How you ask? Well, it all starts in the mind. Sounds trite but read on to see if you're not sabotaging yourself with these
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Got Empowerment?

What are you waiting for? Words have power; so, let’s talk about this word: empowerment. Empowerment, the word, is everywhere and everyone wants to give it to you. It sounds good and motivational, but what is it really? 2020 is here and EVERYONE wants to

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