In All Ways and Always, I’ll Be Natalie

So, this is my blog. The thing folks have been telling for years I should do.  Honestly, I wasn’t (and probably still am not) convinced I should take on yet another thing. I mean seriously, don’t we all have enough on/in our plate, bowl, cup (a complete dinner place setting) that is full and possibly overflowing? 

I am a:
+fur-baby mom of two sassy, senior (don’t tell them I called them senior) girls
+serial entrepreneur
+coach to Fortune 1000 corporate  executives
+life coach to folks who are trying to walk a different path (professionally or personally)
+mentor to several woman-owned start-ups
+board member for various non-profits
+on-air personality
+political activist (to name a few in no particular order)

…leaving a few moments of “me time” for my personal indulgences: fashion, travel, food, wellness, spirituality. So, let’s just say that most minutes of the day are filled and now I’m add a blog to it.

Someone once told me that while I have unique expertise in business, my first fluency has always been people. My hope is, while I am on my life’s journey helping companies and people unleash their potential, manifesting the fullest expression of their visions and dreams, I can share meaningful glimpses (or long gazes) that help you get outside of your box (self-created or placed on you) and create space to fit ALL of you (professionally and personally) into the life of your dreams. Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you that while inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and checking you (yes, we all need to be checked sometimes), I promise, in all ways and always, I will be Natalie and everything is done in love. 

In All Ways and Always,


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